Why we’re doing this

We are a training and development company, building best-in-class vocational VR training. KairosXR’s (KXR) mission is to accelerate career mobility and improve worker safety by helping enterprise teams build the best training programs possible using immersive technology. By brining experiential learning back into these training programs, employees will learn faster, retain more information, and arrive at the job with higher confidence and preparation.

If our mission excites you and the values below align with yours, then we encourage you to reach out! We’re always interested in talking to other passionate people.


Our values are the North Star


The opportune moment for action. Now is the time for time to level-up, build new skills, and continue the journey of life-long learning.

In Pursuit of Inspiration, Chasing Curiosity

We strive for a deeper understanding with a relentless focus on “why.” We’re at our best when inspired, with a job and career that we love.

Frictionless Experience & Challenge

The user experience should be second-nature and the learning should evoke critical thinking. Our products are “easy to use, and hard to forget.”

Accessible Academic Entertainment

Education should be accessible and engaging. We’re not only raising the quality standard, but democratizing access to standardized training.

Consistent Innovation, Consistent Integrity

Our mission demands that we work and think differently. We embrace the change required to raise the bar and move our industry forward while sticking to our principles in all areas of our work: through our actions, behaviors, and designs.

Family, Community, & Diversity

Meaningful relationships are pivotal to our success by accelerating knowledge sharing, providing continuous support, and maximizing quality and innovation with diversity in thoughts, perspectives, and teams.

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